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Cards of Change

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Daniel Chowdhury Kevin Rogers Yarden Karen Kolodzaike Joseph O\'Malley
dewi Tiffanni Spann Matthew Joseff Lana Rushing Michael Nicolson
Larry Williams Lucy Armitage Martha Paynter Garrett Cicuto Clayton Borah
Sarah Cole Basi Akpabio David McCutcheon Richard Gray Peter Milligan
Kevin Medlyn peter knierim Erin Pfiffner Erin Pfiffner Philip
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There's more talent out on the streets than ever before. Brilliant people looking to reshape their country, build their career and perhaps even grow your business.

Cardsofchange is a place where the glass is always half-full. A destination where all the bad news of the day takes a back seat to stories of individual success.

Our mission is to collect as many business cards and stories of positive change of people who have recently been laid off and connect them with new opportunities from potential employers, business partners and people who make the effort to look on the bright side of life.

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